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7 Miami Neighborhoods to Know

When most people think about Miami, they think about the beach – but there’s much more to city than the coastline. Discover some of our favorite Miami neighborhoods. Downtown: Comprised of the Central Business District, Park West, Omni and Brickell, Downtown Miami is the cultural, commercial, and financial heart of the city. It’s also one […]

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Why Buy New? Discover the Top Benefits of Buying a Brand New Home

Sparkling appliances. Fresh, modern style. Perfect cleanliness. New everything! There are so many reasons to love living in a brand new home, it’s almost impossible to count them all. We’ve narrowed it down below, and listed the prime benefits of buying a brand new home. Which one is your favorite? Less Maintenance & Fewer Repairs […]

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In order for a Cooperating REALTOR to receive a commission in connection with the sale of real property in the Community, Cooperating REALTOR or Sales Associate must register a prospective buyer (the "Customer") in person at the sales office for the Community (phone or fax registrations will not be accepted). Cooperating REALTOR or Sales Associate must accompany the Customer during Customer's initial visit. If the tracking system used at the sales office for the Community indicates that the customer initially registered at the sales office without being accompanied by Cooperating REALTOR or Sales Associate, neither Cooperating REALTOR nor Sales Associate shall be entitled to receive a commission in connection with the sale of real property in the Community to such Customer. The registration is effective for a period of a ninety (90) days from the date of registration ("Registration Period").

Cooperating REALTOR shall be entitled to receive the Commission, provided that the Customer (i) is properly registered, (ii) contracts to purchase a home from the on-site sales staff in the Community ("New Home Consultant") before the expiration of the Registration Period, and (iii) closes on the transaction pursuant to the Purchase and Sales Agreement for the property.